Our Camping Site

Camping in nature to us means freedom and a place to celebrate it.

Our 150 pitches are placed on 160.000 square meters of meadow and forrest, which are waiting to be emperrored by you.

Groups are warmly welcomed!

Opening hours reception

Our reception is located in the restaurant Strandbad No. 1

1. April – 31. October

Monday until Saturday
from 12 o’clock

Sunday + Bank Holiday
from 10 a.m.

daily until 8 p.m.

Table booking
via phone05686 395

or via WhatsApp
0171 831 2792

Who should ever conquer this castle?

At a height of 350 meters, it defies all attacks: built on a mountain spur that drops steeply on three sides, on the fourth side the mountain Babloh rises. Adventurers pitch their camp here today. This makes our place unique. This makes our site unique.

Up the slope (if necessary also by car), past some permanent camper manors including hunter fences and garden gnomes, until finally a meadow opens up under the thick outer walls of the castle. The old outer bailey used to stand here. Only a few remnants of the wall are left of the buildings in which the servants worked and slept.

If you want, you can pitch your tent here – this is the end of the line for big vans. The only way up to the inner castle is via the ramp of the narrow gate kennel.

Life once swarmed here in front of the Palas, the main building in which the lord of the castle presented himself. Today this hall is in ruins and grass grows in the courtyard: a perfect place for tents.

This is the special thing about our Wallenstein Castle: The paths are not blocked off, the castle can be explored by our guests. You could pitch your tent in any corner of this ruin – a breathtaking place, protected by thick castle walls, and yet on soft grass under the starry sky.

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Our region

The Knüllwald in northern Hesse was also the home of the Brothers Grimm. The tourism association therefore subtly calls the region “Little Red Riding Hood country”. The dress and hat made of red velvet was not only worn by the young lady whom the bad wolf was eating for lunch. The traditional costume in Northern Hesse also looks like this. If you like fairy tales, you can visit fairy tale houses, fairy tale characters and storytellers. In the Knüll Wildlife Park, the good wolf awaits holidaymakers, while in the “Bad Wolf” off-road park, the animal within the man awaits.

But if you don’t like fairy tales, you can just linger in the Middle Ages and dream of damsels and knights in polished armor in the castle courtyard. In the morning you can imitate the lord of the castle and climb up to gaze over the country: The old stair tower of Wallenstein Castle has been restored and offers a fantastic view after a few steps and turns.

Forever and ever lord of the castle – in your own tent.