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Burg Wallenstein,

Some generals must have felt a little queasy at first sight.



How could they ever conquer the castle?

At a height of 350 meters it defies all attacks: built on a rocky spur, which falls steeply on three sides, on the fourth side mountain Babloh rises. Quite calmly the castle sits on top, nearly rectangular. In the northeast the walls were reinforced – because only from here one could approach it, after a long climb upwards.


Camper have to go this way as well: Up the slope ( if necessary even by car) past many permanent campers estate, including the rustic fence and garden gnome, until they reach a meadow beneath the thick outer walls. Back then at this point there was the outer bailey – only a few wall remnants remained of the buildings, where once the servants worked and slept.

For those who wish, they can pitch their tent – for bullis this is the terminal. Further up to the inner bailey, the way leads over the ramp of the outer ward . Walls on either side prevented an uninvited guest to pass the guards. A gothic archway intimidates visitors before they finally reach the castle yard. Once upon a time this place in front of the main building the Palas-construction, was full of life, where the lord of the castle appeared. Today the Palas is in ruins and grass is growing all around: the perfect spot for tents.


That’s the special feature of Burg Wallenstein: the paths are not cordoned off as in a museum. You could pitch your tent in every cornor of the ruin – a breathtaking place, protected by thick walls and yet on soft grass under the starlit sky.


A campsite surrounded by a medieval atmosphere combined with modern amenities – where else is that possible? Since at the foot of the spur, also a part of the campsite, is the natural outdoor pool of Wallenstein, equipped with a slide and a huge inflatable, elastic octopus. The round pool basin is not the only alternative to the everyday life in the castle: Knüllwald in Nordhessen was home of the brothers Grimm. This is why the region is subtly called “Rotkäppchenland” by the tourism association. Not only the young lady the wolf had for lunch, was wearing a dress and a cap of red velvet. Also the traditional costume in Nordhessen looks like this. For those who like fairy tales, fairy tale houses, fairy tale figures and tellers of fairy tales can be visited. At the wildlife park Knüll, the good wolf is waiting for visitors. Men can release their inner beast at the offroad park “Böser Wolf”.

For those who aren’t too interested in fairy tales, they can simply stay in the atmosphere of the middle ages at the castle and dream of damsels and knights in polished armor. In the morning, one can climb up, as the lord of the castle used to do, and gaze over the landscape: the old stair tower of Burg Wallenstein has been restored and offers a beautiful view. From up here, it gets even more clear, how well protected the castle was on the peak of the hill, high above the village Wallenstein. One could easily think about unearthing the moat again, in order to have the castle completely oneself.


Forever lord of the castle – in one’s own tent


Text taken from "Campingglück - 80 außergewöhnliche Plätze in Deutschland" (DVA, 2018),

camping as a group


• separate ground with fireplace and shelter

• group discounts

• camping on the historical castle courtyard

• free use of the natural outdoor pool

Price list

residential camper

  • permanent pitch
  • permanent pitch with water and drainage pipe
  • visitors of permanent campers, who stay in the existing caravan or tent
  • Wastecollection charges per permanent pitch

per calendar year

per calendar year

adults per day

children per day

per calendar year

from 500,00 €

from 650,00 €

         3,50 €

         2,50 €

       60,00 €

holders of permanent pitches and underage children living in the same household have free entrance to the natural outdoor pool.

passage camper

  • pitch for a tent


  • pitch for a caravan or motorhome
  • additional




  • caravan/motorhome parking space (beneath the fishing pond) incl. 2 people
  • additional

per day


per day


adults per day

children up to 10 years per day

dogs per day

per day


electricity flat free, per day

8,00 €


8,00 €


5,00 €

         2,50 €

2,50 €

       10,00 €


3,00 €

incidental expenses

  • electricity consumption
  • use of showers (automat with 6 minutes setting
  • shower coins for residential camper
  • use of shelter on the castle courtyard

per kilowatt hour

per unit

10 units

per day

0,60 €

1,00 €

8,00 €

       25,00 €

Water consumption is paid with the stallage.

use of the toilets at events on the castle courtyard

  • up to 15 people
  • up to 40 people
  • up to 60 people
  • up to 100 people
  • up to 100 people

per day

per day

per day

per day

per day

20,00 €

35,00 €

50,00 €

       100,00 €

150,00 €

all campers have free entrance to the natural outdoor pool

Burg Wallenstein

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Burg Wallenstein